Exploration Architecture

About XArc

Within the architecture profession, Space Architecture is recognized as a bona fide specialty that applies the theory and practice of designing and building inhabited environments in outer space. The three principal domains of the field include: orbital architecture, planet surface architecture, and Earth-based space facilities architecture which supports space faring activities such as design and development of spaceports, or terrestrial analog environments for research.

XArc was founded on the belief that:

  1. the next great age of human space exploration in the 21st century is upon us.
  2. the infrastructure build-out for a new space economy has begun in commercial entrepreneurial space, civil space, and strategic space sectors.
  3. to fulfill the promise of this vision, the services of varied professional disciplines and industries typically not associated with aerospace, such as Architecture, will be needed.
  4. Space Architecture is at the core of understanding technology development needs for human habitation on harsh distant worlds and in the extreme environment of space.

XArc provides expertise in the field of space architecture and engineering; consulting services in the field of architectural design for spaceports, space stations, planetary surface systems, and terrestrial space related facilites. Our technology development programs for habitable system applications service markets in civil and commercial space exploration.