Exploration Architecture

Spaceport Development

Exploration Architecture provides full-service consulting capabilities for clients seeking commercial spaceport licensing and design.

Demonstrated Experience

Spaceport America
The Program Report for the Spaceport America Terminal and Hangar Facility was delivered in February 2008. XArc was a major contributor to the document, establishing the concept of operations for the spacecraft operations within the facility.

Images courtesy Foster+Partners

Houston Spaceport
The Houston Spaceport Economics and Business Study addresses targeted markets, the anticipated activity level, and economic performance. The study identifies the competition within the national spaceport infrastructure network. It strategically assess market development, reasonable capture expectations, and time phasing to match expected timing of market developments. The study is comprised of six assessments. Each of these assessments builds upon each other as building blocks for developing and validating a spaceport business model.

Images and design concept ©XArc - Trost & Associates Architecture

UK Spaceport

XArc supported the UK Civil Aviation Authority with its Consultation Response for site selection assessments of potential UK spaceport site locations to help decision making in the selection of Spaceport UK. The site assessments were performed for 8 shortlisted spaceport sites based on an analysis of certain Key Performance Indicators.