Aerial Futures

XArc Founder Sam Ximenes invited to present at Aerial Futures think tank event that asks what commercial space flight means for a city and its residents.

AERIAL FUTURES is a non-profit organization exploring innovation in the architecture of flight technology and the broader urban mobility ecosystem. A short video produced by Aerial Futures explores the spaceport as a new kind of architectural typology and asks what kind of impact a spaceport is likely to have on the city and its population?

The video was produced as part of a broader research initiative, Aerial Futures: The Next Frontier, a think tank and whitepaper bringing together leading thinkers, practitioners and operators to imagine the potential opened up by spaceports.

The video features interviews with Mario Diaz of the Houston Department of Aviation, Jeffery S. Nesbit of the Harvard Graduate school of Design, and Sam Ximenes of Exploration Architecture.

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