Spaceport Development

XArc has been at the forefront of commercial spaceport development since its founding in 2007 as an original member of the design team for Spaceport America, the first purpose-built commercial spaceport. Our inspirational and visionary designs such as for the Houston Spaceport set the stage for imagining spaceports of the future, grounded in our economics and business case justification assessments. Our interdisciplinary team continues to push new frontiers of global spaceport development with investigations to predict the state-of-the-practice of space transportation support facilities by prototyping space transportation facility designs against the variety of emerging industry launch and recovery concepts and systems.

XArc provides full-service consulting capabilities for clients seeking commercial spaceport licensing and design. XArc is a member of the Global Spaceport Alliance, an industry association for the purposes of establishing a global spaceport network. See our work on the Houston SpaceportUK Spaceport, and Spaceport America to learn more about our expertise in this area.

Areas of Experience

Facility Analysis
FAA Licensing
Operational Planning
Environmental Assessments
Economic Analysis
Business Case
Program Management
Public Relations

Integrated Approach to Scope of Work Tasks

Houston Spaceport

Houston Spaceport Economics and Business Study with Illustrated Conceptual Design, for City of Houston, Houston Airport System.

UK Spaceport

“Supporting UK Commercial Spaceplane Operations”: Consultation on Criteria to Determine the Location of a UK Spaceport, for United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority.

Spaceport America

Spaceport America Terminal & Hangar Facility Programming and Operations Assessments, for Virgin Galactic and New Mexico Spaceport Authority.