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If you have a venture project you would like us to assess or collaborate on with the services we provide, or want to get involved as a  potential partner, or have questions about our work, feel free to contact us.

San Antonio Corporate Office

Exploration Architecture Corporation
110 E. Houston Street, 7th Floor
San Antonio, TX 78205
+1 210-404-2981

Opportunities at XArc

We’re always looking for enthusiastic applicants, please email cover letter and resume to

Current Opportunities

Space Ballistics/Geotechnical Engineer - Consultant

Contact us if you have expertise in geotechnics, space ballistics, projectiles, cannonry and tethers.

Space Civil Engineer
Contact us if you have expertise in space civil engineering.
Manufacturing Engineer
Contact us if you are a Manufacturing Engineer with experience in Mechanical Systems, Industrial Engineering, and Materials Science. Background in polymers, regolith composition, and industrial furnaces. Knowledge of space environments is desirable.