Moon Projects

LEAP2 (Lunar Ecosystem and Architectural Prototype)

Lunar Site Development of the Marius Hills Pit

LEAP2 is a commercial lunar settlement development program led by XArc through an international consortium of industry and academic organizations. The LEAP2 program addresses space architecture issues in lunar exploration, economic development, mining, and sustainment at a specific lunar site identified as the Marius Hills Pit. Projects within the LEAP2 program address various technology solutions and missions for achieving multi-generational program goals to develop the site for human settlement. LEAP2 also serves as the framework for curriculum development in our sponsored space-STEM education programs.

Skylights, Pits, & Tubes

The discovery of large cave features on both the moon and Mars are significant for human settlement on distant planets. Caves offer protection from the extreme harsh environments on these planetary bodies.

LEAP2 Consortium

The LEAP2 international consortium, led by XArc, is loosely organized for collaboration with industry, academia, and government organizations.

Lunar Reconnaissance Mission Concepts

Our LETO “green reconnaissance” mission concept is a robotic precursor mission being developed for first contact with the Marius Hills Pit.

Space-STEM Education

LEAP2 serves as the framework for space-STEM curricula development of the Lunar Caves Analog Test Sites (LCATS) program offered by the WEX Foundation.