Space-STEM Education

Use of terrestrial analogs for testing technology projects and operational processes in a mission context are an equally important aspect of the LEAP2 program, and are used for development of project-based curricula. As a corporate sponsor, XArc provides subject matter experts and curriculum guidance to the NASA funded Lunar Caves Analog Test Sites (LCATS) program for offering project-based experiences to K-12 students and university-led student project teams. LCATS is administered by the nonprofit WEX Foundation, based in San Antonio, TX.

LCATS uses LEAP2 as a framework for offering STEM experience to gifted and talented students using real world project challenges to help solve various technology solutions needed. LEAP2 STEM challenges’ provide students with a real world connection to a compelling need with direct ties to industry and aerospace professionals. The objective is to offer students project-based learning with a meaningful product at the end, while also serving the technology development needs of the LEAP2 program.

Inspiring the next generation of space explorers with the value of international collaboration is an important aspect of the LEAP2 program. The educational outreach component of LEAP2 strives for establishment of inclusive local community sponsored space programs for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education, community workforce development, and entrepreneurship. View additional program videos on the WEX Foundation YouTube Channel.