Earth Projects

XArc specializes in space architecture and advanced technology applications for aerospace projects in space exploration. This includes Earth-based space related facilities such as design and development of spaceports, or terrestrial analog environments for research. Additionally, as a multi-disciplinary architectural systems consulting firm we provide services in concept development, visualization, programming and planning of infrastructure and facilities associated with transportation systems ranging from ground transport to air and space modalities.

USTRANSCOM Global Space Transportation

Space Transportation Basing and Support Concepts for the Defense Transportation System, for United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM).

Extreme Environment Research Center

Extreme Environment Construction Research Center for ISRU Research in Planetary Construction, for Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT).

Air Traffic Control Tower

Stinson Municipal Airport Air Traffic Control Tower Replacement Design Enhancement, for City of San Antonio Aviation Department.

High Speed Transportation Hub

“VIA Villa Vision” Ideation Redevelopment Proposal for High Speed Transportation Hub, for San Antonio VIA Metropolitan Transit.

Houston Spaceport

Houston Spaceport Economics and Business Study with Illustrated Conceptual Design, for City of Houston, Houston Airport System.

UK Spaceport

“Supporting UK Commercial Spaceplane Operations”: Consultation on Criteria to Determine the Location of a UK Spaceport, for United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority.

Spaceport America

Spaceport America Terminal & Hangar Facility Programming and Operations Assessments, for Virgin Galactic and New Mexico Spaceport Authority.