Spaceport America

As a member of the Foster+Partners/URS architecture design team for the Virgin Galactic Terminal and Hangar Facility (THF) at Spaceport America, XArc provided programming analysis in the areas of:

  • site characterization
  • hanger operations assessment for spacecraft processing
  • crew training and astronaut experience
  • crew and pedestrian flow throughout the facility
  • optimization of functional area layouts

Assessments and analysis informed the programming plan for the facility and development of a concept of operations for maintenance and processing of spacecraft operations. Specific assessments included:

  • Technology Insertion Assessment
  • Process Flow Modeling and Space Utilization
  • Fuel Depot and Fueling Operations Assessment
  • Hangar Operations
  • Site Analysis
  • Facility Concept of Operations
  • Risk Assessment and Recommended Mitigation Strategies
  • Ground Support Equipment Inventory and Storage

Images Courtesy of Foster + Partners