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Research & Development

Lunar Outpost Design, Site Planning, and Architectural Systems Integration

  • Concept Architecture Configuration and Planning
  • Structural and Materials Analysis
  • ECLSS and Surface EVA Support
  • Crew Systems and Surface Support Systems
  • Outpost Buildup Sequencing Assessments

Lunar Regolith Compactor


Much like vibratory compactors on Earth, but for lunar application, create a lightweight machine to stabilize regolith for lunar surface areas to an appropriate compactness level which can create a sturdy underlayment for a landing pad and/or pathways for lunar Base Camps


  • Design a vibration based rolling compaction system
  • Identify and use a specific frequency to compact the ground
  • Test machine apparatus for dust intrusion and mitigation techniques

In-Situ Construction Techniques and Materials of Construction

  • Excavation solution for lunar outpost construction techniques using “bagged” regolith (lunar soil) as a building material
  • Excavation, management, and containment of lunar regolith as a basic building block for construction applications such as building launch pads, blast protection berms, shielding
  • Development of mobility control enabling autonomous or tele-robotic construction
  • Applications for both lunar and terrestrial construction

Expandable Floor System Concept for Lunar and Space Module Applications

  • Concept development for expandable floor system secondary structure applicable to future inflatable habitation modules deployed on the lunar surface or in space
  • Concept of operations for packaging and stowage of expansion beams and floor panels to achieve high cycle packaging / deployment cycles
  • Expansion beams achieve weight and mass reductions through use of composite Hollow Structural Sections (HSS)

Lunar Dust Measurement Instrument

Dust is the primary environmental problem on the Moon, an issue that has been recognized since the Apollo era. Dust in the lunar environment is troublesome for both humans and equipment because of its strong adhesion, cohesion, and complex mechanical properties. For instance, it could cause thermal issues, or additional wear and abrasion complications on mechanical components. For humans (or astronauts), repeated dust exposure irritates the eyes, ears, nose, and throat and can damage the lungs.

We are developing a Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) as a tool to measure real-time lunar dust accumulation rates and deposition. A QCM measures a mass variation in grams per second by measuring the change in frequency of a quartz crystal resonator.