Planetary Cave Exploration

A number of initiatives were developed by XArc to promote its efforts in advocating for planetary cave exploration reconnaissance missions:

  • March 2012, a project team lead by XArc Corp with team members from Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) were brought together to develop funding proposals for conducting site assessments investigating long term habitation and exploitation potential of the lunar lava tube skylight discovered in the Marius Hills basin.
  • April 2012, XArc presents mission planning paper “Defining a Mission Architecture and Technologies for Lunar Lava Tube Reconnaissance” at the Thirteenth American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Aerospace Division Conference, Earth and Space 2012 : Engineering, Science, Construction, and Operations in Challenging Environments, April 15-18, 2012, Pasadena, CA.
  • May 2012, XArc submits abstract “Intelligent Zipline Deployment For Martian Cave Exploration” as its contribution for the ‘Concepts and Approaches for Mars Exploration’ meeting held at the Lunar and Planetary Institute, June 12-14, 2012.
  • June 2012, XArc makes presentation “Intelligent Zipline – Green Reconnaissance for Lava Tube Skylights” for topic on planetary cave exploration at the 3rd Joint Meeting of the Space Resources Roundtable (SRR) and the Planetary & Terrestrial Mining Sciences Symposium (PTMSS), Golden, CO, June 4-7, 2012.

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