XArc Partners with USTRANSCOM

XArc to Partner with US Transportation Command to Help Assess Feasibility of Global Point-to-Point Space Transport Cargo Delivery.

While speaking at the National Defense Transportation Association’s Fall Meeting on Oct. 7, U.S. Army Gen. Stephen R. Lyons, commander, U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM), announced USTRANSCOM is looking to space to quickly move critical logistics during time-sensitive contingencies or to deliver humanitarian assistance, helping to project and sustain the Joint Force in support of national objectives.

Speaking at the virtual meeting from the command’s headquarters at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, on Oct. 7, Lyons told the audience about USTRANSCOM’s partnership with Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) and Exploration Architecture Corporation (XArc) to explore this emerging capability of rapid transportation through space.

USTRANSCOM teamed with XArc and SpaceX through cooperative R&D agreements (CRADAs), to study concepts for rapid space-based delivery for applications such as emergency supply operations.

XArc’s role in the space transportation study is to assesse the ground support basing and logistics requirements needed for integrating a spacelift capability.

USTRANSCOM Announcement

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