International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight (ISPCS)

Exploration Architecture Corporation will participate in the 2008 International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight as a sponsor of the two day event to be held in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Oct 22-23, at the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum. XArc’s sponsorship of the symposiums panel session on “Key Issues Related to Evolution of Orbital Vehicles for Human Rated Spaceflight” will be the second year XArc has elected to support this key industry forum. Panel speakers will discuss the current state and future of orbital access to space, who is prepared now to fly, what the business cases are, and the future of collaboration between government and commercial entities. The session is intended to bring out various points of view on several important topics related to the suborbital business, including safety considerations and requirements for launch and flight; Point-to-Point transportation; the passenger experience; cooperation between government and commercial enterprises; and strategic directions.

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