NASA Massively Multiplayer Online Game

Exploration Architecture Corporation proposes a $12.5 million investment for development of a NASA sponsored Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Game about space exploration for enhancing STEM education outreach. The MMO, dubbed “NASA Xplorer”, will function as a persistent, synthetic environment (virtual world) in a game genre of Realtime-Action-Strategy, and is projected to achieve a subscriber base at peak acceptance of over 1.5 million user accounts. Development of the MMO game will be through an Industry-Academia-Government partnership. The XArc team is comprised of XARC Games, LLC, San Antonio, TX, acting as producer; Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, responsible for educational content; and Metaversatility Inc, San Antonio, TX, responsible for game development.  A game publisher will be announced if the XArc team is selected by NASA to produce the MMO with licensing rights to commercialize the product.

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